Voice assistants are changing the way we interact with technology. They are also changing the way we listen to music. Using Google Home with VSSL makes it easier than ever to play your favorite music on your in-ceiling speakers. 

With VSSL and Google Home you can: 

  • Control all of your VSSL zones with Google Home. Control the volume, pause, play, stop, mute, or change the music in any zone in your VSSL system. 
  • Google Home playback can automatically connect to a VSSL zone. Just say “Ok Google, play jazz music” instead of “Ok Google, play jazz music in the den.” 
  • Works with the rest of the Google Home ecosystem, lights, door locks, cameras, security, and others. See all the devices that can work with your Google Home here
  • Expand with other great Chromecast Built-in stand-alone speakers. Did you forget to add speakers to a room or wish you had better audio coverage in a zone? You can add wireless Chromecast Built-in speakers without the wiring and cutting in of new speakers.


It’s easy to get started with Google Home and VSSL. 

Set Up Google Home with VSSL: 

  1. Download the Google Home app 
  2. A new device message should appear, in the Google Home app. If you don’t see the message go to the Devices screen
  3. The Google Home app does a good job walking you through the setup, but if you get stuck, follow this setup guide from Google.

 Important VSSL steps: 

  1. Download and setup the Google Home app 
  2. Go to the Devices screen and make sure you have enabled for voice control on all of your VSSL zones.
  3. Set the default audio playback of the Google Home to the designated VSSL zone.
  4. When you are finished with the setup, just say “Ok Google, play music.” The Google Home will instantly play your favorite music on the overhead speakers.


    Google recently added two new products to the Google Home family, now they have the Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Max. While all of these speakers work with Google Home, the price and size of the Mini make it a perfect pair for VSSL. You can place the Google Home Mini in any room and use your in-ceiling speakers for the audio. For only $49 it is the perfect add-on to a VSSL powered system.