AirPlay 2 is now available on all VSSL devices (A.1x, A.3x and A.6x). With AirPlay 2, you’re in control of your audio. Enjoy your favorite music or podcasts throughout your house — in perfect sync. You can even play different songs in different rooms.

Your Music, Your Way

Play your favorite music in one room and stream a podcast to another. AirPlay 2 has made it easier than ever to stream and create party zones on the fly. Simply select multiple zones from the AirPlay menu, and just like that, you have immersive sound through out your multi-room audio system.

Hey Siri, Play Rock Music in the garage

The Power of Voice Control

Use voice control with Siri to play music when and where you want it. 

Anyone can add song witH Up next

With AirPlay 2 and Apple Music, your friends can add their own music to the mix.

Take a call. Make a call. And the music keeps playing.

Take an incoming call or play a game on your device without interrupting your music.