What does it mean to retrofit? Retrofitting is a basic term in construction meaning: to update your home from an older building with older outdated technology and adding newer technology to update it. The VSSL A.1 Amplifier is key to making your retrofitting process simpler. 

Learn how to take whichever room/area is outdated and make it new again! When you gain access to all of your music from your mobile device or tablet it makes life easier. Using VSSL, can help you control the volume, adjust inputs, play audio files, connect to any speaker, and more! Retrofitting is easy if you have the right devices. 

Music has adapted over the years from vinyl records to an entire bulky case of CDs, to digital music. I’m sure that many of you still support these older music sources. However, it’s more common to play music through your cellphone in your car. It is just so convenient to have all of your music on one device. The same thing goes for your stereo system in the living room. 

Having the ability to access thousands of different songs that are just sitting in your pocket is just plain, “Awesome,”. You can also gain access to millions of other songs through streaming sources like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. VSSL is to the point that digital music (like uncompressed digital formats like DSD and FLAC) sounds better than the original format because of the higher-quality.


It is important to know how old your home is while preparing to retrofit. The age of your home will limit your available options when it comes to setting up certain audio devices. If your house is 50 to 100 years old, we guarantee that the wireless signals will not travel well throughout each room. 

For all of you homeowners that can’t wire your home, VSSL is the answer. If you are just temporarily renting, then running wires through the walls will definitely not be a viable option.

Most single-family households contain many wireless devices that are all competing for bandwidth (the maximum rate of data transfer across a given path)— more than one smartphone, a laptop or three, tablets for the little ones to occupy themselves with, an extender, maybe even a Wifi IP camera system that is all running on wireless and then they are competing against each other for service. 

Adding wireless adapters or a separate wireless subwoofer adapter will certainly jumble up the mix that you already have going on. Plus it will leave your devices starving for the wireless bandwidth.


With the VSSL A.1 Home, it has a slim versatile design and connectivity, it can be placed in a variety of applications. When trying to retrofit a home, you may already have a system but it could be a little outdated with how quickly technology is moving forward. The A.1 Home gives you the ability to add Native Streaming™ to your existing system and update it. Seamlessly use the A.1 Home as a source for your outdoor, commercial, or home theater applications. 


One of the biggest applications for the A.1 is most certainly backyard audio (due to the outdoor area only needing single-zone acoustics). Using the A.1 to amplify or to simply add a streaming source to your existing system such as your underground speakers or BeatDrops™ in the patio area or surrounding the BBQ and have speakers delicately positioned around your hot tub to give you the ultimate evening mood influencer. 

It’s so much easier to connect to the A.1 through your mobile device and listen to your music instantly. Or even let your house/party guests connect to the system! The simplicity while connecting to the unit is what makes the A.1 perfect for any application.

Bookshelf Speaker 


In an older home, customers are sometimes worried that they have to go from one extreme to the next and spend a big lump sum on the home updates. Fortunately, you don’t have to convert your humble abode into a smart home just to enjoy your music. 

A simple way to involve quality audio in your bedroom or even your home office is to include TruAudio Bookshelf speakers. The Bookshelf speaker is small enough to fit on your desk next to your computer or to fit on your nightstand at either side of your bed. They give you updated audio connected to an easily accessible source without having to move anything around and is an inexpensive option.


If you are looking for ways to virtually hide your audio system but keep your home relatively the same as far as updates go, then using in-ceiling speakers paired with the A.1 will help you to achieve this. There are no wires hanging around or in the way and these speakers are easy to manage with the A.1. Turn the music on when you walk into the kitchen and listen to your favorite cooking guru while making a delicious dinner.

Wires tend to be a homeowner’s worst nightmare when it comes to installing speakers and connecting them to an amplifier. The in-ceiling speakers hide the wires and the A.1 makes connecting to your speakers simpler.


Does your T.V. have a soundbar yet? Having a soundbar to go along with your T.V. will guarantee that you have improved audio and it will simplify your audio system enormously.

A soundbar is exactly what it sounds like, a long “bar” that has speakers attached to it where it is usually placed under a television to improve the close-range sound. They have multiple speakers built into one “bar” to produce multichannel audio.

Sound-bars produce a much richer and more nuanced sound than any single speaker is capable of replicating. A lot of the time it is less expensive to purchase a sound-bar because with it you don’t need a full stereo system or even poor-quality T.V. speakers. A sound-bar will help you to avoid drilling annoying holes into your ceiling to install speakers (if you want to avoid customizing your home).

Some customers will consider alternative solutions such as purchasing wireless speakers (which makes sense if you are baby-proofing your home). Also, buying wireless speaker adapters so that the rear channels and subwoofers can run without having to jostle the wires around. But to try and hide them alongside or underneath the carpet is just an annoying hassle.

TruAudio Custom Powered Sound-Bar 


When you have the option of controlling the sound-bar via the A.1 amplifier, this means that you are able to listen to the speakers and sound without having to turn the television on. VSSL lets you connect to the sound-bar simply through your mobile device by utilizing the optical or analog inputs with the VSSL app. Blast some pumped up jams while you clean! 

At the end of the day, optimal sound is not always ideal for every particular room setup. We recommend getting a sound-bar for your family room T.V. Especially if you aren’t wanting to spend too much and are just looking for a fuller sound throughout the room. A sound-bar really does allow for simpler, yet still a satisfying sound.


An active subwoofer, when connected to an amp (VSSL A.1) presents a high impedance load. It does this so that the amp doesn’t work any harder when you connect one or more subs to it. The main point is that the sub sees the signal and amplifies it, the way it was intended to do. 

Not all amplifiers have this output like the A.1. Be careful when choosing an appropriate subwoofer, check that it works correctly with your system. A high-level interconnect is similar to a speaker cable. Low-level uses an RCA interconnect pair (amp’s pre-out or sub-out or the sub’s low-level input).

With all of the new super-smart T.V.s that have been released this year (2020), they’re equipped with speakers and sound systems inside of them (a substantial improvement). They are quite the pretty penny and a lot of the time you won’t need to connect any other speaker/system. A subwoofer is a great alternative here because it can give the extra “oomph” that you won’t get from your T.V. speaker system. These subwoofers know how to engulf you in sound too, hopefully like you want to be.

The point of a subwoofer isn’t to drown out all other sounds, it should be something that is added to the room and you don’t even notice that it’s there until it is turned off. The subwoofer can give you low-frequency spatial cues that normal systems lack. Turn it on with the rest of the surrounding systems and connect it to the A.1 Home.

VSSL and Google Home Assistant


Voice assistants are indeed a great addition when trying to retrofit your home. They are changing the way that we interact with technology and listen to music.

Google Home is adaptable to almost any sound system, especially when it is paired with an A.1. When using the VSSL and Google Home you can: 

– Control all zones; the volume, play, stop, pause, mute, and change the song. 

– Google Home can automatically connect to the VSSL zone set up. Its as simple as, “Ok Google, play R&B music.” 

– Google Home also works with the rest of your home system: lights, security cameras, door locks, and more! 

While Google has several Assistant products (Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Max), we’ve found that for the price and size of the Mini its a perfect match for the VSSL A.1. You have the ability to place the Google Mini in any room and use it with your in-ceiling speakers to access the Audio. At $29, the Mini is the optimal add-on to a VSSL powered system. 


Many beginner audio enthusiasts will ask if the amplifier can affect sound quality? The answer is, “Yes”. Usually with a better amp it will make your speakers play louder and improve the sound quality. However, it will not make bad speakers sound like good speakers.

This is why the A.1 Home is such a terrific choice. All VSSL units offer a wide array of features to satisfy any of your needs.

When you add a VSSL unit to your home you get access to; Native Streaming™ to use the music apps you already know. It has voice activation capabilities, “Hey Google, play music”, its versatile and built for any install, multi-zone by adding several A.1 units to any home. If you have an older amp, you can update the system just by connecting the A.1 to make it streamable. And above all, powerful enough to run any speakers. 

The A.1 can be placed on a bookshelf, on a wall behind a T.V., or on a rack shelf to power everything from in-ceiling speakers to a custom length sound-bar. It has an integrated wall mount system, removable magnetic feet, an IR receiver sensor, and it has an impressively slim profile.