‘Tis the season of giving with the holidays around the corner, if you’re a last-minute gift-buyer like me, then you might be scrambling around for what to buy your family. If this is the case, we have a few ideas for everyone, including your kids, family gifts, or even gifts for the in-laws. Don’t worry, you are bound to find something for the whole family in this Holiday Buying Guide! We’ll make it super easy: scroll down to the loved one that still needs a gift, and done! 

We’ll start with the younger of our loved ones first. 


Shopping for kids is usually pretty easy, but giving them junk that they’ll get tired of within the first two months is a hard buy. It can feel like a waste of money, even if it’s on their wish list. Get them a lasting gift this year! We know that things are pretty upside down right now and half of your children go to school at home. Make school at home more fun for them and buy them some nice speakers to go with their computer! 


The A.1 Home is definitely a multi-functional addition to your child’s audio. These are great for anyone and everyone. If you know how to work your phone or tablet/iPad, you know how to work a VSSL with its patented Native Streaming™. Just simply open your favorite music app like Pandora, Apple Music, and YouTube Music, then connect through Spotify Connect/ Chromecast/AirPlay 2, and you’re ready to listen. Pictured with the B23s on either side, this is clearly the right size for anyone’s room or setting and you will not be disappointed with the VSSL A.1 Home. The VSSL A.1 is multi-functional and can be matched with any of the below-mentioned packages.


These are our favorite for having next to the computer on the desk or even positioned on an actual bookshelf, they fit perfectly but are a little bit bigger than normal desktop speakers. The B23s have a 6.5” coated carbon fiber mid-bass driver and a 1” titanium diaphragm swivel tweeter. Paired with the VSSL A.1 Home, they pack enough focused sound for your child’s daily tasks at the computer and are even great placed in their room/playroom. This pair will make any audio (TV, music, movies) for them more enjoyable. The B23s also come in a black or white finish to match the computer or room.

Pair of B23 Bookshelf Speakers with a VSSL A.1 Home – Holiday Buying Guide


The CT-4s are a bit smaller than our B23s (a little more than half the size). These are good if you don’t want them to have too much sound, but they need something that will still give quality sound without blowing their (or your) eardrums. With the smaller speakers, you get a little less power than the B23s but you can decide which is better for them depending on their age and love for sound! These guys have a 4” coated glass fiber woofer and come in a contemporary matte black finish.

CT-4 – Holiday Buying Guide 

SAT3 & SS-8 OR SAT3-5.1-CSUB

Wondering what you should get your teenage daughter? Easy! The SAT3 is a good speaker to get your daughter who doesn’t want their already overcrowded room any more packed. These are TruAudio’s satellite, 2-way speakers. Small, compact, and elegant for any decor. The SAT3 series of speakers attached to a magnetic base and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling for 360-degree positioning. They come in a high gloss black or white finish. They also pair great with an SS-8 subwoofer!

The SS-8 (Slot Sub) features a newly designed amplifier delivering efficient and reliable high-powered sound. The front-firing port design allows for maximum airflow and helps reduce port noise while allowing the unprecedented deep bass extension. Includes advanced circuitry to eliminate the potential for grounding noise. Comes in a two-tone black finish. 


You can go all out for your teen and get them the SAT3-5.1-CSUB package. This system includes four of the SAT3 (in white or black), one center channel speaker also known as our SAT3CC (in white or black), and one CSUB-8, a compact powered subwoofer (in black). This system can really pack some power without breaking the bank and it will last her for years!

SAT3-5.1-CSUB – Holiday Buying Guide 


What do you get someone who seems to have no need for anything else? My mom gets harder and harder to shop for because if she wants something, she just goes out and buys it (I’m sure just like your parents too)! Well that makes it hard for anyone trying to buy her gifts. One thing she doesn’t have in her house is a good sound system. She thankfully only watches T.V. in the living room and has nothing set up in her bedroom. But she has this awesomely big T.V. (that she bought for herself), but a crappy (sorry mom) soundbar and it barely adds to the watching experience. Luckily, I have access to great audio products and I have determined what to get her this year! 


For those of you that have a single parent, married parents, or even older in-laws who aren’t too familiar with technology, the Custom Powered Soundbar and the TruAudio wireless subwoofer receiver will make a better experience for them without giving them too much trouble with setup. The cool thing about these soundbars available with carbon fiber or polypropylene woofers, is that they are custom length. Find out the size of their T.V. and this soundbar will blend in seamlessly with the rest of their setup as it matches the size length and is a mere 2.4” in depth. The SB-CPSB-RX is a wireless subwoofer receiver that while paired to a subwoofer can seamlessly pair with any TruAudio Custom Powered Soundbar. It’s easy to connect and allows you to add the low end of a subwoofer to any living room or even the master bedroom.


If you have one of those lovely families that do “family gifts”, this is the section for you! We love family gifts because they can benefit the entire family and are usually something that everyone can use together or even individually. That is why gifts like these are the best and so practical!

First, we know that due to all of the community modifications, we aren’t able to get out of the house as much. Which is a total bummer! They completely closed all of the movie theaters over here! So what’s the next best thing you ask? An in-home theater, duh! Going all the way and building an in-home theater may not be in every family’s budget but it’s possible to get close!


Alright, these packages are truly amazing and your family will be pleased to sit down and watch movies together! This is a premium home theater package that includes: three of our GHT-66Ps, two of our GHT-SUR-Ps and one SS-10/12 (size difference). 

The GHT-66P are our Ghost™ Series in-wall frameless LCR speakers that include a dual-layer voice coiled 6.5” injected poly woofers that provide your home theater with the strength it needs to shake the room and also the lightness to hear a whisper clearly.

The GHT-SUR-P is an all-black, in-wall home theater bi-pole surround sound speaker. Convenient treble and bass equalization make precision tuning effortless.

Finally, the SS-10/12, is a Slot Sub that features a newly designed amplifier delivering efficient and reliable high-powered sound. The front-firing port design allows for maximum airflow and helps reduce port noise. It also includes advanced circuitry to eliminate the potential for grounding noise. The 10/12 is all about the size difference and depends on how ambitious you are. They come in 10” or 12”.


These custom length passive LCR soundbars are also a good addition to any room that you and your family enjoy watching TV! They have six total 4.5” injected poly woofers and three 1” silk dome tweeters. They are easy to put under your TV if it’s mounted on the wall or just set on the TV stand. Add an A.1 Home Amplifier and an SS-10/12, and you’ve made your own home theater package!


Moving on to outdoor family presents! When you have a backyard with a sitting area, sometimes it’s just nice to just sit outside as a family and have dinner in the summer eve of the day. Or even host a barbecue with the family and neighbors. These are all fun situations but what would make them even better is music to set the mood (whichever mood that may be). Our Ultrascape packages give you the opportunity to enjoy these situations and more!

ULTRA-HS-8-T100 – Meant to give you phenomenal sound but discreetly hidden in the landscape of your backyard. TruAudio’s UltraScape™ series is a watertight outdoor sound system, with a minimal footprint. This speaker system is perfect for small outdoor listening zones. Included in this outdoor package are (4) 4.5” Satellite Speakers, (1) Hardscape™ Subwoofer, and (1) T100 Amplifier. 

Satellite Speakers and a Hardscape™ Subwoofer – Holiday Buying Guide 

ULTRA-ST-8-T100 – This is the same setup and quality as the ULTRA-HS-8-T100, but instead of the Hardscape subwoofer, you get an 8” Underground Subwoofer. This subwoofer is completely hidden except for a little mushroom head at the top of the soil. Escape to paradise in your very own backyard with your family!

8″ Underground Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers – Holiday Buying Guide


Another package that we’d recommend, if you have a smaller outdoor area and don’t have room for four speakers and a subwoofer, is getting a pair of OP-6.2/8.2 and pairing them with a VSSL A.1 Home.

OP-6.2/8.2 – These are our 2-way, outdoor speaker, 6.5” and 8.5” poly woofer, 1” silk dome tweeter, swivot technology with a U-bracket. The OP’s are definitely built for the outdoors being a weather-proof speaker and are even Humidity Rated and IP66 Certified (dust-tight)! They have aluminum and plated fitting to prevent rusting or corrosion. Hang these babies up in either corner of your patio and you’ve got yourself the perfect setup to relax outside! They also come in black or white for either size!

OP 6.2 – Holiday Buying Guide

Hopefully, this Holiday Buying Guide helped and we’ve mentioned something that got you a little more excited about the holiday season! Remember, don’t wait too long! If you think that you need a little help that is more focused on a loved one, we can help! We have dealers located all over the world!! Just click the link and we will find a dealer near you! Happy shopping and Happy Holidays everyone!